Thursday, June 23, 2005


Number One

Okay, I’ve been saying all along that there is no other way to maximize your learning experience than to start practicing. Nonetheless, practice on what? So, I decided to prepare a little something for all you folks at home to work on. Actually you will be giving us a hand on a little experiment. The experiment should prove that structure and style are totally two different things. That it is important that we should put our structures in check before putting on the style to finish our art piece. I have provided a structure guide that you can use on page___. If you would wish to get a higher resolution digital file of the structure guide, just send me a request via email. Draw over the structure guide to create your very own artwork, completing it with details, including shadings, costume and paraphernalia of your choosing.

So, here it is! Doodle Corner’s first assignment. Like in all other assignments, there will be rules applied to this one. Here are the following:
1.) Please time your work. This will help you gauge the extent of the work you need to do on a single piece. The average time to finish a page is 1 day.
2.) Use only DC characters so if you decide to send us a copy and we think we can use it, there won’t be any reason for us not to due to any technicalities that might come up.
3.) You can use any style you want to bring out the best in this assignment; the only thing to remember is to make it look cool, clean and professional.
4.) You can use pencil or ink, if you think that will bring out the best in your work.
5.) After finishing, photocopy your work and send it to us, or email it to me at
6.) Because the paper we use here is glossy, I suggest that you photocopy the guide, if possible enlarge it, so you can use it over and over again in case you make mistakes. Besides, pencils don’t work well on a glossy paper.
7.) I hope I’ll be seeing a few within the month so I can show how our little experiment will go. So, are you ready to draw? The clock starts now!

Oh, there’s just one other thing to remember… Have fun!

The first to be featured here will of course get a free copy of the issue. I’ll even send you my original artwork using that structure guide just for kicks.

See yah!
Gilbert Monsanto

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RapidBlade said...

pwede p b magpasa ng gawa??

l said...


Eheheh.. joke. Anyway, I thought we couldn't pass works anymore. Can I still pass mine?

monsanto said...


You still can send in your work. Also, try the nest assignment on issue 20, that will be fun.


l said...

Yaaaay! Thank you po! n_n