Thursday, June 23, 2005

vet med student

"after reading issue #14, i immediately sat down
to work on "our" little experiment."

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monsanto said...


Let's start with the good points. I think just by looking at your work, you did this quite quickly. There is energy with your lines, giving it a distinct look and feel. Great shadow play as well.

Now here is the down side with speed. More chances to make mistakes. Especially when you decided to ink the piece. Always remember to get a breather. After finishing the pencils, take a little rest. This will refresh your vision and will help you recognize things to tweak while doing the finishing touches and finally ink your work.

Pencils are easy to erase and redo, but inked work is a whole lot tougher to fix.

Try to make your lines cleaner. I also noticed Superman's face is hard-edged, a little Bizarro looking. The Superman symbol also doesn’t look perfect. Might not mean anything to some, but everything to more than just a few. So be sure to check those trademark details.

It’s a good job. Can’t wait to see your skills grow.


l said...

Superman's 's' looks a bit awkward, the angle seems kinda off...

I like the lines, but the blacks look kinda off to me. Try taking some time to check the placement.