Thursday, June 23, 2005


"tumagal po ako ng a total of 4 hours para mtapos ang gawa ko"

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monsanto said...


I really like the way you bravely incorporated your very own style into my structure guide. Your lines are clear and sure. It is just unfortunate that you did not use the structure precisely, because my main intention was for you to use the said structure in the hopes of forcing your hand to get used to the correct human anatomy.
Some of the muscles you used seem to depict bloated mass. I personally think that if you can start without the exaggerated body structure, your work will look more mainstream.
I have to stress though that this level of work, completed within only 4 hours (does that include the inks?) is quite a feat. More so if you spent more time on your next piece, as I expect that we will find a dramatic improvement in your work.


l said...

This one is pretty cool for four hours, but... The bodies look pretty weird. o.0

Overall cool though.