Thursday, June 23, 2005


"it took me maybe 8 hours more or
less coz i didnt do it in one sitting. i finished
flash the night i got the issue and finished green
lantern the day after. flash took maybe 3 hours or so
and lantern took a longer time due to the fact that i
havent done a drawing with more shade than light."

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monsanto said...


Great job! I think you did the right thing not to finish your work in one sitting. Haste makes waste as they say. You did well by paying attention to the characters’ features and costumes. I also appreciate the fact that you followed the rules and stuck with the structure that I gave you. Just a little more practice on shadow placements, though. However, overall, I think your work is nearing its full potential.


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l said...

Bloody bots. >..<

Anyway, I like this drawing.. I've alsways been a Flash/GL fan(Flash! Don't leave! *sob*) And I think this one is pretty sweet... My first try on the template was someting like this, but with Kyle and the Black Flash instead...

Pretty sweet. I like the shading.
d(n_n )